What are Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes?

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

First Character, Then Ability

Please enjoy the video above made by one of our SECE Teacher Trainers for a quick summary of what SECE is all about.

Suzuki ECE classes are mixed age classes from birth to age 4 based on the science about how young children learn best. This weekly class provides a welcoming and structured environment in which children will develop:

  • Rhythm & Singing Skills
  • Listening & Concentration
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Self Confidence and Self Expression
  • Language
  • Melodic Awareness
  • Creativity and Sensitivity 
  • ...And Much Much More!

Each child will learn from one another and from the teachers and parents in class as we model each activity including:

  • Singing
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • & Rhythmic Activities

Join teachers Karen Huffman and Christine Goodner (two experienced and highly trained Suzuki teachers) for this one of a kind class in the Portland area!

Classes are based on these main Suzuki ECE principles:

  • Every Child Can Learn
  • Ability Develops Early
  • Environment Nurtures Growth
  • Children Learn From One Another
  • Success Breeds Success
  • Parent Involvement is Critical
  • Encouragement is Essential